Florida Videos - Mayo Clinic Patient Video Guides


To help patients orient themselves around Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida, we are offering a Patient Video Guide series. Our host, Vivien Williams, explains more below.
Davis Building

There are many different reasons patients may enter the Davis Building. Vivien shows us many of its locations, including the Bundy Cafe, the lab, the international services office, etc.
Information Desks

Do you need a helping hand? The information desk attendees can offer you assistance ranging from obtaining a wheelchair to answering general questions.
Cannaday Building

Vivien points out that the Cannaday Building, which is attached to the Mayo Building, hosts a gift shop, a cafe, outside seating, and a meditation atrium.
Mayo Building & Hospital

In this video, Vivien shows patients where to check in, as well as where the emergency department can be found. She also shows visitors how to arrive at the patient rooms.


Art Tour

Mayo Clinic aims to treat the whole patient, rather than just the physical ailments. Since its inception, Mayo has used art, architecture and beautiful environments to address the spiritual aspects of medical care. On the Florida campus, we offer a self-guided art tour, which takes you through the highlights of our art collection.

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